Top 10 Ways To Reduce Pain When Waxing

The number one fear people have when it comes to waxing is pain. There are several things that you can do that really help to make the treatment as comfortable as possible, here are my top 10 tips on how to breeze through your waxing!

Wax In The Morning:

Science shows we are less sensitive to pain in the morning than at other times of the day. Of course this is dependent on a wide range of factors but if you know that you are particularly pain sensitive to waxing, try booking your appointment for the first available slot to give yourself the best chance of a pain free wax.

Time Your Wax Correctly With Your Cycle:

Waxing at the right time of your cycle can make a huge difference to how comfortable it feels. Just before your period your hormones are at their highest levels. This will almost certainly increase the sensitivity of your skin, and may make your wax a little more uncomfortable.  Try to time your appointment for a few days after your period has ended, as this is when hormone levels tend to be at their lowest.

Wax Regularly:

Getting yourself on a regular waxing schedule and sticking to it is a sure fire way to make your waxing far more comfortable. With regular waxing hair becomes finer and weaker and your skin becomes more used to the process. For best results try to wax every 4-6 weeks.

Trim The Hair

Long hair can make your wax a little more uncomfortable. Trimming it a little should help, and

scissors is preferable over a bikini trimmers. Make sure you don’t trim the hair too short. You want to leave the hair long enough that you can still pinch it, that way you’ll still get a great wax.

No Alcohol or Caffeine

While a little bit of dutch courage might seem like a good idea, the truth is both alcohol and caffeine are stimulants and can make you skin more sensitive so they are best avoided the few hours before your service


This tip might be easier said than done, but trying to stay as calm and relaxed as possible throughout your service will greatly reduce any discomfort. If you hold your breath, it really does make it worse! Stress can also play a part, so arriving to your waxing appointment after a tough day at work may also mean more discomfort, try and book on a day off or before you head into work if possible.

Ask For Hot Wax

If having intimate waxing done, hot wax is the only way to go. A protective oil is placed on the skin and a layer of wax is applied. As it cools it shrink wraps itself around hair and once fully hardened it is removed taking unwanted hair away. This method of waxing is far more gentle on skin than traditional strip waxing and will mean a much more comfortable wax for you.

No Scream Cream

This wonder cream will seriously reduce the sting associated with intimate waxing, but can also be used on all areas of the body, including lip, eyebrows, underarms and legs. It contains 20% benzocaine, which is the highest strength of a topical analgesic allowed by the FDA, and works by numbing the skin before waxing. For best results it should be applied 45 minutes prior to your intimate waxing, or 30 mins before all other services.

Go To A Waxing Specialist

Having the right wax helps, but having the right waxer is more important. You can have the best wax in the world, but if the technique isn’t up to par prepare for it to hurt a little more. Try and look for place that specialises in this area, some many salons focus on other services and may only do a couple of waxes a month. Going to a specialist waxing salon will ensure you are getting the best results with the least amount of pain.


This is a simple one, when your skin and hair are dry they are more difficult to remove and can be slightly more unfordable to wax in this state. This is particularly true during cold winter months. Using a good moisturiser (we love body oils for this job) will keep skin and hair supple meaning less pain, and also less post wax issues like ingrown hairs or broken hairs.

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