Solar Oil


Award winning Solar oil nail and cuticle care puts moisture at your fingertips. A cult favourite among celebrities and nail professional for over 30 years!


Solar Oil 15ml


“I keep CND Solar oil on my dressing table and apply it every night before I go to bed, as it prevents my cuticles from looking dry.” Kate Moss


Solar oils synergistic blend of naturally light oils and vitamin E offer intense therapy for dry and damaged cuticles. Jojoba oil carries the vitamin E deeply into the skin, reducing visible signs of ageing and keeping hands soft and supple.


Repeated use drives the oils deeper in the natural nail for results that get better over time. Nails hold colour and enhancements better, feel stronger and more flexible.


How does it work?


The natural nail has microscopic gaps within its structure. As our hands come into contact with water these gaps fill up and swell the nail plate, as the water evaporates these gaps shrink back down to their original size. Excessive water contact causes the nail plate to swell and shrink rapidly which will cause a whole host of problems like peeling, splitting and brittle nails.


Repeated use of solar oil will drive the oils deep into the nail and help to waterproof the nail plate over time. This means nails are more resilient to every day stresses and will feel stronger and healthier.


You can use solar oil over nail varnish, shellac or enhancements such as acrylic or gel. Similar to the natural nail structure, nail coating also have tiny tunnels that will allow solar oil to pass through them. In the case of shellac and enhancements, it will also strengthen the coating by stopping it from turning brittle. Using this oil every day will prolong the life of your nail coating while keeping the integrity of the natural nail underneath it.