Lycon SoBerry Massage, Bath and Body Oil


A luscious strawberry scented multi purpose body oil, for all over body, foot or hand massage. Also scrumptious as a luxurious floating bath oil for a tired body, mind and soul.

Lycon SoBerry Massage, Bath and Body Oil

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Lycon SoBerry Massage, Bath and Body Oil


How to use as a Bath Oil:


Add 10-20mls of oil to your bath just before you get in to let the moisturising process begin as you soak.


Bath oils are an amazing way to add a little more nourishment, luxury, and relaxation to bath time.


How to use as a Body Oil:


There are many ways you can use a Body Oil, here are our favourite ways:


  1. Apply all over post-shower – Before drying off and while your skin is still damp, massage oil over your entire body. A little goes a long way and works wonders to lock in moisture and prevent dry skin.


  1. Spot treat- We all have areas that are extra prone to dry, hard skin such as cuticles on hands and feet, and heels. Massage generously into these areas daily and see a dramatic improvement within just days.


  1. Eliminate stretch marks- Because oils penetrate deep beyond that first layer of skin, they’re great for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. You’ll notice a difference over time as oils work to promote elasticity, preventing stretch marks from showing up again.


  1. General body moisturiser – apply a small amount to dry skin last thing at night and allow to soak in to give skin boost of hydration that will improve the appearance and make skin feel silky smooth


  1. Use it as a massage oil – Another great way to put your body oil to good use is to use it as a massage oil. Have your S.O. massage your back, feet, or wherever you need it the most. This will make your skin soft, loosen up the muscles, and relieve stress.