Does Waxing Make Hair Grow Back Thicker or Darker?

This is such a common question that we get asked all of time! You’ll be very glad to know that it’s not possible to make hair grow back thicker or darker with waxing, in fact quite the opposite is true. With regular waxing hair often gets finer and in some cases can even be permanently destroyed – however this result isn’t guaranteed or consistent from client to client. The only thing that can make your hair grow in thicker or darker are hormones, whether they are
artificial or natural. I think one of the main causes for this myth is that we don’t notice the hair changing over time as we are usually constantly removing it. Let’s take the upper lip for example. When we are in our teenage years we can often see the subtle changes that begin to happen with this hair. We watch it turn from a very light peach fuzz (vellus hair) that is almost invisible, into thicker, coarser but still blondish hair, then watch it turn into a few darker stronger hairs, normally present at the corners of the mouth. It’s usually at this point we decide that it’s time to start removing the hair. There are many methods used such as shaving, threading and waxing and even bleaching and usually a combination of all of these methods will be used over a number of years. If at any point we stop removing the hair for serval weeks or months, many women are horrified to see that what was a couple of dark hairs mixed in with mainly blonde hairs, has now turned into thicker dark hair all over the top lip. Many say they wish they had never started removing the hair as it wasn’t that bad to begin with, and often have a deep guilt or shame about it as they believe this is the result of them having removed the hair – which I think is so sad. The truth is even if you had never removed the hair, you bodies hormones were already at work and would have turned these hairs darker anyway. Removing them by any method will by no means have made them grow in darker or thicker. You are also not alone, there are many women who remove hair from the upper lip, it is very common to have darker hairs here.
So rest assured that waxing will not cause your hair to grow in thicker or darker, and you have done absolutely nothing wrong by removing the hair.

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