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Our salon was founded with a single goal in mind: to provide you with the ultimate waxing experience! We specialise in intimate waxing and employ a unique technique that ensures hygiene, speed, thoroughness, and minimal discomfort.

Every member of our team undergoes rigorous training before joining the salon, guaranteeing you an exceptional waxing experience every visit.

Our commitment to this craft has earned us a devoted clientele, with some clients traveling over 3 hours to see us regularly. We take pride in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel like you’ve just visited a dear friend

We’ve crafted our own exclusive wax range. Our hard wax is tailored for sensitive areas like underarms, intimate, and facial waxing. Its low melting point ensures a comfortable bikini waxing experience, while our soothing oil keeps your skin cool and calm throughout.

For larger, less sensitive areas, we’ve innovated a unique strip wax. Our thin gel formula applies like oil on the skin, minimizing skin tugging and guaranteeing a more enjoyable waxing experience.

All waxing rooms are air conditioned, making your waxing much more comfortable during hot summer months and boast top of the range electric beds that easily adjust to any position making them perfect for pregnant women or those with back problems.

Hygiene is so important to us. There is a strict no double dipping policy on all waxing treatments. This means once a spatula has touched your skin it is disposed of and not re dipped into the wax pot. This eliminates any possibility of bacteria, hair or secretions being transferred back into the wax pot and reapplied onto you or the next client.

We want you to get the best possible results from waxing and will guide you on what you need to do at home and the best timings for your treatments so you can enjoy being hair free for up to 4 weeks!


Our Happy Clients

I would highly recommend wax central to anyone looking for waxing and tinting. I had the lash lift and my brows waxed and tinted today. It was my first time getting a lash lift and wow! The results are amazing, I am so happy. The brows are fabulous too, great shape and tint. The staff are really professional and excellent at what they do. I was booked in with Laura today who was lovely, talked me through the whole process of the lash lift and did a fabulous job. The other staff are also lovely and helpful. I would 100% recommend them.
Shauna Marie Nugent
Had a great waxing appointment with Andrea. Professional & made me feel very comfortable! Practically pain free too - will be back again! Thanks Andrea!
Jessica O Sullivan
Laura from Wax Central did an "Ultimate Eye Makeover" for me (Brows Wax and Lash lift). She was so professional and explained everything to me at every step, she really makes you feel at ease! She was so professional and really friendly, it really relaxes you. The salon is always spotlessly clean and all the girls there are so nice and friendly!
Niamh Keogan
I feel so comfortable at Wax Central- they are always professional and make me feel well taken care. Absolutely no awkwardness with things that potentially might be awkward! Best salon in Cork without a doubt.
Gabriella-Marié Robinson née Cilliers
I'm a long-time waxer but first time coming here as I've just moved to Cork. I got a Brazilian wax and some facial waxing. The wax they use is so painless, I was so relieved! And very happy with the results, I definitely will become a regular! Laura is so skilled, as well as being super lovely and friendly! Highly recommend 🙂
Sinead R

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For the best waxing results, you should have at least 4 weeks growth from your last wax, or 3 weeks growth from your last shave. You don’t need to worry about it being too long as it will be trimmed by your waxer if necessary. Waxing before 3-4 weeks will result in some smaller hairs being left behind, so I know it’s hard to live with the regrowth but please be patient and you will benefit from a smoother wax that will last longer.

No worries, you can still get waxed if you really need to, we can still remove a lot of the hair from as little as 2 weeks, the only downside to waxing sooner than 4 weeks is that you may still have some little hairs left behind that are too short to remove, but that’s still better than going to your event hairy!

You get the best results with waxing after a few sessions so if you count back from your event every 4 weeks this will give you the schedule that will give you the best results. Doing your waxing this way will mean you’ll be smooth for 2-3 weeks as opposed to just 1 week after your first session. Just make sure you have at least 3 weeks growth for your first appointment. If you’re still not sure just contact us and we will work out the best timings for you.

If you have been shaving, or waxing irregularly you may notice regrowth in the first week or two. After 4-5 waxing sessions spaced 4 weeks apart your results will dramatically improve and you should have minimal regrowth in the first 2-3 weeks, with a noticeable increase in regrowth in the fourth week. Many regular clients say it feels like all the hair grows back in the final week and they’re then ready to be waxed again.

Not at all! We’ve seen it all before, and you’re probably one of a dozen people that day! As soon as you’re on the bed you’ll be absolutely fine and forget about everything, we’ll make sure of it. We love what we do and it’s really just another day at the office.  Whether it’s an eyebrow wax or bikini wax it really doesn’t make any difference to us, we just want you to the get the best results possible!

Don’t be, seriously! We completely understand that what is an everyday occurrence for us is a big deal for you, especially if it’s your first time. We do this all day every day so there is no need to feel embarrassed. We’ll take the time to explain everything that will happen at the start of your appointment and ensure you always feel at ease. The anticipation is always the worst part, the waxing is never as bad as you think.

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