Underarm waxing is a great way to reduce darkness from underneath the arms that’s can sometimes occur with regular shaving. As waxing removes hair completely from the root and the root of the hair is often what causes a dark shadow, removing the root of the hairs will usually create a lighter and more even complexion.

Shaving constantly can also cause skin irritation which in some people can cause discolouration too.

Will use hot wax for underneath the arms as this is a delicate area. Our brand of hot wax works at a very low temperature making it much more comfortable than traditional waxing.

We cleanse the area and apply a protective oil to the skin, then we applied the peelable wax in small sections and once it is set we remove it taking only unwanted hair away and leaving the skin far less irritated than with traditional waxing.

It’s important to avoid wearing any deodorant for the first 24 hours after your wax to avoid any irritation or discomfort to the area. It’s also important to avoid any exercise, steam rooms, or sunlight ( artificial light or natural).

We recommend waxing this area every 3 to 4 weeks

FAQ – How long do I need to wait before I can get my underarms done, I shave every day and find the regrowth hard?

If you are new to waxing your underarms it can often be very hard to grow out the hair for your very first wax. The good news is is that we can often remove the hair from as little as two weeks from your last shave. We know it can be really difficult during this time, and that 2 weeks will feel like a very long time but please do try to grow the hair out as the results are totally worth it.
With regular waxing your hair will get lighter and finer and the grow out stage won’t even bother you after 5-6 waxes!


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