Spray Tan - Full Body

Discover our diverse range of spray tans tailored to your unique preferences. We prioritize a personalized experience and will consult with you to determine the ideal choice for your needs.

For a Cool-Toned Natural Glow: Moroccan Tan

Moroccan Tan is your go-to for a chic and cool-toned natural tan. Its innovative color correctors are designed to complement all complexions, effectively neutralizing red and orange undertones on lighter skin tones, while simultaneously providing a deep and inviting tan for those with darker complexions. This streak-free organic tanning solution boasts nourishing ingredients such as organic argan oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E, ensuring lasting hydration and a gradual, even fade that prevents patchiness. Expect a wear time of 7+ days, extendable to 14 days with our matching tan extender, available in-salon. Moroccan Tan is also a rapid tan, meaning its shade intensity increases with the duration it’s left on:

  • 30 minutes: Achieve a light natural glow, perfect for very fair skin tones.
  • 1-2 hours: Attain a subtle and natural-looking radiance.
  • 2-3 hours: Enjoy a light to medium tan for an effortlessly au naturel appearance.
  • 4-5 hours: Embrace a medium tan, ideal for vacations or special occasions.
  • 8+ hours: Indulge in a deep, cool-toned tan that flatters all skin tones without warm undertones, providing an authentic and appealing look.

Bondi Sands: Your All-Rounder for a Neutral Golden Glow

Bondi Sands offers the perfect solution for a neutral golden glow, suitable for a wide range of preferences. Enriched with hydrating aloe vera, this self-tanner not only imparts a stunning sun-kissed hue but also nurtures your skin. And the icing on the cake? Its delightful coconut scent will whisk you away to a tropical paradise. Bondi Sands is also a rapid tan, with timing options as follows:

  • 2-3 hours: Achieve a light golden tan for a supremely natural appearance.
  • 4-5 hours: Enjoy a medium tan, versatile for special events and vacations.
  • 8+ hours: Dive into a deep, bronzed hue with warm, golden undertones—perfect for those desiring more color without appearing overly dark.

For Lovers of Deep Bronze Tans: Bia Belle

If you crave a deep bronze tan, Bia Belle is your ultimate choice. This formula is ideal for those with sensitive skin, thanks to signature seaweed extracts that soothe and moisturize. It also features Pentavitin, a hydrating powerhouse that enhances moisture levels, leaving your skin plump and dewy, with effects lasting up to 72 hours. Bia Belle offers three captivating shades:

  • Medium: Ideal for fair skin tones seeking a warmer, bronzed tan, making it perfect for evening events.
  • Dark: A favorite among tanning enthusiasts, it delivers a deep bronze tan that adds warmth and vibrancy to the skin, boasting a graceful fade.
  • Ultra Dark: Reserved for the most daring, this is the darkest tan in our arsenal, boasting rich undertones that achieve unparalleled depth. Not for the faint of heart.

Bia Belle is a traditional tan, necessitating an overnight application or at least 8 hours before showering. With Bia Belle, you’re on the path to becoming a bronze goddess, whether you prefer a subtle warmth or crave a deeper, more daring tan.

Spray Tan - Full Body

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