Spray Tan - Full Body

We have 2 spray tan ranges to choose from depending on your own tanning preference. We will have a chat with you before your tan to see what would best suit your needs

If you’re looking for the most natural looking tan possible we recommend Minetan in Dark Ash.

It’s uniquely designed to suit all complexions meaning no orange undertones on even the palest of skins, while also producing a lovely deep tan with no yellow undertones on darker complexions. Wear time is 7+ days.

This spray tan can be left on the skin for as little as 1 hour, and up to eight hours plus depending on the result you are looking for:

1-2 hours: A natural looking glow that’s not too obvious.
2-3 hours: light/medium tan great for a day time wedding
3-4 hours: A Medium tan, great for holidays or special occasions
8+ hours: Deep bronze tan, for our tanning queens who prefer a cool undertone

If you’re a lover of a deep bronze tan we would recommend Bia Belle, it comes in Medium, Dark & Ultra Dark. This is a great going out tan as it has a bit more depth to it than Dark Ash.

It’s ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, as it contains ingredients that soothe and moisturise the skin.

The Ultra Dark is the darkest tan that we have ever used!

This tan must be slept in overnight or left on for a minimum of 8 hours before showering

Spray Tan - Full Body

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