Nostril Wax (painless technique)

People are often afraid of this service as it sounds painful. If you’ve ever tried to tweeze a nose hair you’ll know it’s an eye watering experience. However the method we use when waxing the nose is completely painless (and you probably won’t believe us until you’ve had it done!).

We cleanse the area and apply a protective oil. This stops the wax from sticking to skin, it will only stick to hair which makes the waxing process more comfortable. Using hot wax we apply a small amount of wax over the entrance of one nostril. It will feel like you have a blocked nose and for this reason we do one nostril at a time. Once the wax has hardened it’s removed quickly in a downwards motion. All you will feel is a rush of cold air, there is little to no discomfort with this method.

Your results should last 4-6 weeks.

Is nose waxing safe?

Yes. You have two types of nose hair. You have longer, thicker hairs called vibrissae, this is normally the type that we see poking out of the nostril, it’s function is to block larger particles from entering the nose. You also have short straight hairs deep inside the nose called cilia. These help to filter out finer particles. Both of these hairs work together to protect us against foreign particles entering the body.

Removing hair from the nostril can cause some worry for people as they feel they won’t have the full protection of the nose anymore.

Nostril waxing does not remove all of the hair from the nose, it doesn’t even remove all of the thicker hairs. We are only removing hair from a shallow depth at the start of the nostril and this will not affect the natural defences of your nose.

Nostril Wax (painless technique)

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