Hands only

If you have some dark hairs on your hands but don’t want all of your arm waxed this is a great option. We have priced this service by itself to allow you to completely customise your wax and keep everything affordable.

We cleanse the skin, and apply a very small amount of oil to protect the skin. We use strip wax for this service but the wax is so thin it is still very comfortable and does not irritate skin like traditional honey waxes of the past. The wax is removed with strips, and any residue is removed with a post wax soothing oil.

We recommend the use of the Lycon Soberry Body oil daily to keep skin soft and supple, while also using our ruff stuff body scrubs to exfoliate weekly. Having the correct home care routine will make a big difference in your results and keep legs soft and silky for as long as possible.

Hands only

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