Ear Wax (inside and outside)

An ear wax will remove hair from very slightly inside the inner ear, the top of the ear and the earlobe. We do not put wax into the ear canal as this would not be safe.

This is a great service from men to add on to their appointment. When you go to the barbers they will shave any little hairs that might be on your ears with clippers, but they tend to grow back thicker and more stubbly within a matter of days. Waxing it’s going to last several weeks, and with continued waxing your hair will begin to grow back thinner and finer

We recommend getting this waxing service done every 3 to 4 weeks

For this service we cleanse the area with clean, our pre wax lotion. We then apply smooth, which forms a protective barrier between the skin and the wax. This means the wax is only gripping onto hair and not the skin and will make the treatment far more comfortable for you. We apply the wax in thin small sections, and once the wax has set it is removed. We then cool and sooth the area with our post wax oil.

Ear Wax (inside and outside)

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