Chin Wax

As we get older the hair on our chin can get longer and darker, this can be particularly annoying as it can catch in make up or become obvious in natural light.

A chin wax will remove all visible hair from the chin area including slightly under the chin. Whether your hair is very fine or coarse, our super gentle wax is very effective at removing it all.

We use a very gentle wax on the face that first uses a pre-wax oil that protects the skin and soothes it throughout the entire treatment. Our low-temperature peelable wax is then applied and allowed to cool. Once set it is removed, taking away unwanted hair while leaving skin far less irritated than traditional waxing.

Often times with chin waxing we find that clients tend to tweeze, shave or use a depilatory cream in between waxing sessions. While we can understand that living with any hair on the face is difficult you will often get much better results in the long run by just sticking to a regular waxing schedule. We recommend waxing every 3 to 4 weeks for this area.

We can conceal this area for you if you wish, however this is an area that is prone to breaking out so you may wish to schedule this appointment at a time that you will not need any concealing if you have sensitive skin.

FAQ: Does waxing facial hair cause it to grow back thicker or darker?

Waxing facial hair does not cause it to grow in any thicker or darker. The only thing that is able to control hair growth in this way are hormones whether they are naturally occurring or artificial. Many clients find that with regular waxing hair actually starts to thin out and become finer, although this will vary from client to client.

Chin Wax

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