Cheek bones

A cheekbone wax will remove all visible unwanted hair from the top of the cheekbones down to the beard.This service is a great way to tidy up the beard line and has long lasting results.

Mens face waxing on social media:
Mens facial waxing seems to be a social media trend at the moment, but unfortunately this has promoted some really bad techniques. If you’ve ever seen some of these videos, you’ll know that they apply large thick amounts of wax all over the skin of the entire face. Then remove it all by roughly pulling at the wax, much to the discomfort of the client. This is really only done for shock value and the entertainment factor. This is not how waxing is supposed to be done and these bad practices can cause a lot of problems and are best avoided.

The way we wax a cheekbone is we cleanse the area with our pre-cleanse treatment, then we apply smooth which is a protective oil that stops the wax from sticking to skin. This way the wax only grabs onto unwanted hair. We apply the wax in thin small sections, applying only 2 small patches at a time. Applying the wax this way means that the skin is always supported and never roughly tugged at. This combined with a good quality hot wax makes the service far more comfortable.

It is common to break out in this area if it’s your first time having this service done or it has been more than 6 weeks since you last had it done. If you know you are prone to breaking out and you have an event coming up it’s best to try and book this for the week beforehand. Waxing every 3 to 4 weeks greatly reduces breakouts in this area.

Cheek bones

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