Brow Wax & Tint

At your appointment we can have a chat with you about what you like and don’t like about your brows. We aim to wax mens brows in a natural way that will give you the shape and thickness you desire, while making it look like we have never waxed them at all.

We will also tint your brows as brow tinting is a great way to help bring out very pale brows or to cover any grey hairs.

We have 6 shades to choose from that we will normally mix to further customise your tint to the perfect shade to compliment your skin and hair colour. We can save your unique formula to your customer file so you will always get consistent brows that you love!

We will design your brows using the placement of your brow bone and by following your own brow growth patterns. We love creating brows that are not overly arched, dramatic as we feel what nature intended is normally what looks best – we will just tweak it slightly to give you your desired look.

We will then wax your brows into your desired shape using a very gentle wax. Our wax is so gentle you can go over the skin as many as 6 times with out causing any irritation, we normally do one to two passes of a peelable wax to grab very fine baby hairs that will help your results last longer.

To see examples of our brow work, check out our Instagram page.

Brow Wax & Tint

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