Brow Wax

At your appointment we can have a chat about what you like and don’t like about your brows. If any changes are needed we can tweak them slightly over time so that you can gain the brows of your dreams without an awful grow in stage. We want your brows to look beautiful and totally polished every time you leave our salon!

We will design your brows using the placement of your brow bone and by following your own brow growth patterns. We love creating brows that are not overly arched, dramatic or heavily drawn on, as we feel what nature intended is normally what looks best.

Shape is normally the main focus of a brow design, but many forget that placement is just as important. A lot of people come to us with an amazing shape but the placement is wrong, and minor tweaks can make such a difference to the overall look of them.

We will then wax your brows into your desired shape using a very gentle wax. Our wax is so gentle you can go over the skin as many as 6 times with out causing any irritation, we normally do one to two passes of a peelable wax to grab very fine baby hairs that will help your results last longer.

Once your brow wax is complete we will finish off your look with brow products. We can finish them off with just a clear gloss if you prefer a natural look, we can show you the best way to use a pencil in them for a subtle everyday look, or we can go full glam with pencil, tinted gel and highlighter depending on your own style and preference.

To see examples of our brow work, check out our Instagram page.

Brow Wax

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