Brow Tweeze

We normally recommend that you go for a brow wax as opposed to a brow tweeze as you’ll get a better result with wax. With our wax we can go over the brows many times making sure we pick up all of the fine hair, as well as coarser hair without irritating skin. Tweezing the brows will not produce the same effect as it’s impossible to tweeze very fine hairs.

However, if you are on any medication that may thin out your skin or your blood, you are using prescription skin care or strong over the counter retinol you may not be a suitable candidate for waxing and this will be a better option for you.

We will still design your brows naturally using your brow bone and natural growth patterns to determine not only the best shape for your brows but also the best placement. Placement is something that is often overlooked in brow design and it makes the biggest difference in producing a youthful looking brow. We don’t do overly arched, dramatic or heavily drawn on eyebrows. We keep your brows full and natural because after all, that’s the way nature intended them to be.

To see examples of our brows and what we can do for you please check out our social media channels, where we show before and afters but also informational tutorials on how subtle brow changes can make a big difference to your look.

We can conceal any redness if you need to pop back to work after this appointment, but if you have sensitive skin, and you probably do if you are getting a brow tweeze, its best to try and book this service at a time when you won’t need any concealing. This is just to make sure you wouldn’t have any breakouts the next day.

Brow Tweeze

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