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We’ve got a wild guess…  

You’re looking for a waxing salon that makes waxing less painful, embarrassing, and irritating on your skin

How’d we know? 

Because we spent years looking for the same thing. 

Wax Central was launched to offer men and women of Cork (and anyone else willing to make the drive) a better kind of waxing experience. 

One that:  

✔puts your comfort and safety above all else  

✔uses only high-quality wax and proven hair-removal techniques to leave your skin silky smooth and irritation-free 

✔ feels more like catching up with an old friend than going for the dreaded smear test  🥴 

At Wax Central, you’ll find all this and more. 

With over 25 years of combined experience, the Wax Central team is made up of waxing specialists who are experts in the latest formulas and techniques for removing hair with the least amount of pain possible.

Plus, we’ve created our very own wax so you can trust us to deliver premium, long-lasting results.  

Our Wax 

We got tired of the outdated, questionable waxes most salons use that hurt like hell and don’t deliver brag-worthy results. 

So we formulated our own wax in-house, carefully developing a signature wax that is less irritating and more effective than traditional wax strips. 

We coat your skin in a protective oil to keep it safe during hair removal before applying a rich layer of wax.

As the wax cools, it shrink wraps itself around even the finest of hairs to remove them with total ease and accuracy. 

Our Process

When you arrive at Wax Central, you won’t be shuffled past rows of nail techs filing away or stylists cutting hair as you make your way to a dark waxing room in the back. 

That’s because (almost) 100% of our services are related to waxing, making us true hair removal specialists.  

Instead, you’ll be greeted by our friendly team and escorted to your private, air-conditioned room. 

Our electric beds adjust to any position to ensure a comfortable session—even for pregnant women or those with back problems.

During your session, your waxer will ensure the highest level of hygiene and comfort. 

There are no double-dippers here—after a waxing spatula has touched your skin once, it’s immediately discarded to prevent any possibility of bacteria, hair, or secretions being transferred into the wax pot and reapplied onto you or the next client.  

After your session, you’ll receive skin-healing aftercare to soothe your skin and prevent any irritation. 

Enjoy your silky smooth skin for up to 6 weeks, and come back when you’re ready. 

You know where to find us xx